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Searching webshell on github is the number one project.

This is a webshell collection project to give people roses, and you have the fragrance. If you downloaded this project, please also submit your shell.
This project covers a variety of commonly used scripts such as: asp, aspx, php, jsp, pl, py

This kind of webshell, please do not change the name and password.

Note: All shells do not guarantee the existence of backdoors, but they will never be deliberately added by backdoors.

Do not add backdoors. If you find backdoor code, please issue.

The tools provided by this project are prohibited from engaging in illegal activities. This project is for testing only, and all the consequences caused by it are not relevant to me.

Extending a project:

  • webshell-venom
  • Unlimited Killing Webshell
  • Unlimited Generation Tool
  • Unwanted Killing Webshell Unlimited Generation Tool

Other webshell project (old):

  1. xl7dev/WebShell
  2. JohnTroony/php-webshells
  3. BlackArch/webshells
  4. LandGrey/webshell-detect-bypass
  5. JoyChou93/webshell
  6. bartblaze/PHP-backdoors
  7. WangYihang/Webshell-Sniper

By the way, a wave of website management tools:

  1. Cknife

  2. Altman

  3. xise

  4. Weevely

  5. quasibot

  6. Webshell-Sniper

  7. antsword

  8. ice scorpion

  9. webacoo

above in no particular order
Author: tennc http://tennc.github.io/webshell
license: GPL v3
Download link Check github releases.
Latest: https://github.com/tennc/webshell/releases

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